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About Sight Seekers

Sight Seekers is primarily an information website about the latest assistive solutions for visually impaired and print handicapped people. On our pages you will find listings and features of available devices and software in South Africa. The products include Braille devices, video magnifiers, audio book readers, optical character recognition document readers, computer software applications such as screen readers/screen magnifiers and wearable OCR and video devices.

In addition you will find listings on the latest available mobile apps for the visually impaired and useful Links to websites relevant to the visually impaired community.
Sight Seekers will advise on, source and supply any requested assistive solutions and software.


Device Assistance

Assistive technology promotes independence by helping individuals regain the ability to complete tasks that they were formerly unable to complete or had difficulty accomplishing. 

In the case of persons who are blind or visually impaired, it can mean a lot. Read a menu at a restaurant,  play with your child, go to the grocery store, move around freely, simply go about your life.

There are a number device types to assist the visually impaired. The type of device is often dependant on the level of visual acuity.

Software Assistance

A computer program or software can assist by reading text out loud to the user, or magnifying text and images on the screen. Low vision users can also opt to buy a larger monitor or television screen to improve visibility. In addition,  some websites have accessibility features tailored to doing all these things.

Mobile Assistance

The Accessibility features included in the Operating Systems of the SmartDevices enable individuals  with vision, physical and motor, hearing, and learning impairments to use the functions available on their devices.
These features generally include Font Size and Colour, Magnification,Zoom and Screenreader Speech. In addition, the Speech Recognition feature allows the user to give verbal commands.

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