Wearable Devices

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Glasses - Video Magnifier Glasses

Wearable Devices

What Is?What is a Wearable Device?

Wearable Devices include items such as Talking Watches, TV Glasses and handheld Telescopes. Glasses with video magnification and OCR Document reading features as well as Audio GPS Guidance Systems.

OCR Glasses


OrCam My Eye 2.0Orcam 2 Glasses OrCam MyEye 2.0
For blind and partially sighted people, an artificial vision device with a lightweight smart camera that instantly reads text aloud- from any surface – and recognizes faces, products, and money notes in real time.
All packed into a tiny device the size of your finger.

NU Eyes Pro

NU Eyes Pro
First ever lightweight, wireless, head worn, voice activated device for the visually impaired.
NuEyes Pro removable visual prosthetic is the first ever lightweight, wireless, head worn device that is voice activated for the visually impaired. NuEyes Pro is a very simple product to use and can be either operated with our wireless controller included with the product or using simple voice commands.
How does NuEyes work?
Enlarge and magnify what you are looking at
A video camera on the front of the glasses magnifies what you are looking at and displays it on the inside of the glasses. You can control them with the remote control or by using your voice. Simply say “make bigger” and the image you see in the glasses will automatically get larger up to 12 times original size.
Not just electronic magnifying glasses
When using the NuEyes glasses for reading, in addition to enlarging the text, you can change the color and contrast or simply have the smartglasses read the text to you automatically just by looking at it!


eSight GlasseseSight 3 glasses with controleSight 3 Glasses.
The innovative eSight 3 eye wear makes it possible for people who suffer from Macular Degeneration and related eye conditions to see faces of loved ones and to read again. eSight houses a high-speed, high-definition camera that captures everything the user is looking at.
Looking much like a pair of sunglasses, this technology includes a high-resolution video camera and video screens, as well as regular prescription lenses. Using zoom in/zoom out, contrast and colour optimization, edge enhancement and brightness control, eSight Eyewear enhances whatever the wearer is looking at to maximize their remaining eyesight.
eSight Eyewear is personalized for each individual – the algorithms are programmed according to the individual's eye condition and their preferred activities. As well, the individual's
prescription lenses are built right into the Eyewear.
eSight Eyewear works for a variety of low vision conditions and is most effective for those with acuity between 20:60 and 20:400 and with a field of view greater than 15 degrees. eSight Glasses will not work for people with no remaining functional vision.
One of the many ingenious features of eSight 3 is that it simultaneously increases the central field of view of sight while preserving full access to peripheral vision, providing the best of both worlds: unprecedented mobility and high-acuity central vision.

Now available in South Africa.

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AceSight glassesAceSight GlassesAcesight 1 Glasses.
Acesight greatly increases the visual field for patients with a less than 20-degree field of residual central view, and delivers significant improvement in near visual ability for low vision people.. Even with severe eye   CONDITIONS SUCH AS Macular Degeneration,< Retinitis Pigmentosa or Diabetic Retinopathy.

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