Below we list Websites that is relevant to visually impaired users.

 Retina South Africa

Retina South Africa LogoRetina South Africa is the only patient group in South Africa dedicated to bringing promising clinical trials and treatments to South Africa. We offer free counselling, education, information and referrals to patients with retinal genetic vision loss and facilitate genetic testing.


SANCB logoSouth African National Council for the Blind

Council’s Vision is to facilitate a network of organisations who collaborate towards the prevention of blindness and securing the full participation and inclusion of blind and partially sighted people in all aspects of a diverse South African society.



Family Faults logoFamily Faults
Though this site is designed primarily as a family tree for the van Rooyen/Geyser and associated families, its longer term goal is to track hereditary conditions in South African families.

Elmer George kindly supplied the links below to help people with vision loss.

Tips from Tanya Lee

Tanya Lee, tanya.lee@abilityvillage.org


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