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The most exciting advance in accessible technologies in years!
The Humanware Prodigi Duo combining
 a desktop magnifier and a portable handheld magnifier
Humanware Prodigi Duo
Humanware Prodigi Desktop Magnifier
Humanware Tablet Portable Magnifier
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Humanware adds great features to the Victor Reader Stream

users of the Victor Reader Stream New Generation can now upgrade to version 4.4.8. This has added another bookshelf set under the Wifi containing
* Internet Radio - Select and save your favourite
   Internet radio stations.
* Sign up and download worldwide Podcasts on a great
   variety of subjects.
* Build up your own audio reference library from Internet sites such
   as Wikipedia.

The New Logitech K811 Bluetooth keyboard for Smart Phones 

Logitech K811 Bluetooth Keyboard

We all know how difficult and slow it is to type on our touch screen devices such as the iPhone or iPad. The new Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech K811 solves that problem. With Voice-Over feature active on your IOS device it will speak back to you as you type.
*  The backlit keyboard makes it easier to use in
    dark places.
*  Simultaneous connection and instant switching
    between 3 devices such as the iPhone, iPad,
    Mac or Apple TV.
 * USB batery rechargeable. 

Logitech K811 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard

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