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eSight LogoeSight Glasses

Revolutionary Technology for the Legally Blind. eSight 3 is an engineering breakthrough that allows the legally blind to actually see.
eSight houses a high-speed, high-definition camera that captures everything the user is looking at. eSight’s algorithms enhance the video feed and display it on two, OLED screens in front of the user's eyes. Full color video images are clearly seen by the eSight user with unprecedented visual clarity and virtually no lag. With eSight’s patented Bioptic Tilt capability, users can adjust the device to the precise position that, for them, presents the best view of the video while maximizing side peripheral vision. This ensures a user’s balance and prevents nausea – common problems with other immersive technologies. Find out more


KNFB Reader on Mobile Phone

KNFB Reader on WindowsKNFB Reader Enterprise.
For IOS, Android & Windows.
Sensotec and the National Federation of the Blind are proudly announcing that the Enterprise version of the award-winning KNFB Reader technology that is helping blind, low-vision, dyslexic, and other print-disabled users around the world to live the lives they want is now available for Windows 10!.  Find out more.


ZoomText 11 BoxesZoomText 11 Launched.

Our goal with ZoomText 11 was to evolve: create a product that is easy and powerful. That meant reevaluating every feature and movement to streamline and elevate your experience. And the result?
More than just a new version of ZoomText; it is the best version of ZoomText… Ever.
 New Modern Toolbar.
New Command Keys.
New Zoom to 1x.
New Geometric Smoothing.
New Consolidated AppReader.
New Unified Finder Tool.
New Smart Invert.
New ZoomText/JAWS Interoperability.
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Orcam PicOrcam Logo

Orcam My Eye

The world's most advanced wearable assistive technology solution
We've pioneered a compact device with insightful functionality. Hear any text, appearing on any surface. Recognize the faces of people in your life. Identify supermarket products and money notes. For people who are blind, visually impaired, or have dyslexia, aphasia or other conditions. OrCam MyEye gives independence.
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Prodigi Connect 12Prodigi Connect 12 Magnifier.

Humanware unveils Prodigi Connect 12 – An integrated Magnifier and 12” Tablet.
HumanWare is pleased to announce the arrival of the newest member of the award-winning Prodigi family. The Prodigi™ Connect 12 is a highly portable digital magnifier and 12-inch tablet that features an open Android platform with access to more than a million apps and native synchronization to Google's suite of tools.
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